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A book about dinosaurs, black holes, and Bigfoot would be kid’s stuff compared to the top secret God had hidden for millennia from the world. You can be sure, when God holds a secret, He has a specific reason to do so, and you can also be sure it dwarfs anything humans have done or even can imagine. This book will discuss God’s secret and its implications for the entire word, for all times.

God’s top secret (a mystery) is mentioned in one of the most enlightening, yet perplexing, passages in the Bible.

But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, the hidden wisdom which God ordained before the ages for our glory, which none of the rulers of this age knew; for had they known, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory. (1 Cor. 2:7-8)

While mentioned in this passage, the exact truth of that mystery is unclear. However, the text indicates that the rulers at the time of Christ’s death, who surely were led by the god of this age, Satan, would not have crucified Christ had they known something that God kept hidden from them. While a little hard to grasp at first, this passage is teaching there was a mystery (secret) hidden in the mind of God from the very beginning of time, a mystery related to Christ’s death. God had to hide this mystery from everyone, including the angels in Heaven and Satan, because premature knowledge of it, by anyone, would have eventually leaked out and created a crisis related to the crucifixion, a crisis of unspeakable proportions. If Christ were not crucified, God’s redemptive plans would have been in ruin and human history would have been altered forever. Thus, God kept a secret throughout human history to prevent the crisis of the Cross.

The crucifixion was an absolute necessity, the essential centerpiece of God’s redemptive plan for humans. Redemption required that sin had to be forgiven by full payment of the debt it created. Animal sacrifices could not forgive sin because animal blood merely allowed sinners to have their sins atoned, covered up. In due time, Christ came to die and to fully, permanently, pay for the sins of humanity. His death allowed God to forgive everyone in the past whose sins were atoned, and all the sins of present and future believers. If Christ were not crucified, there would be no righteous solution to the sin problem, and every human who ever lived would remain dead in sin, condemned to Hell.

This purpose of this book is twofold:

  1. To explore the mystery to show exactly what it is and how it changed the world, and
  2. To examine why Stan would not have crucified Christ had he known of the mystery.

The wisdom contained in the mystery was obviously not in the Scripture available at the time of the crucifixion; if it had been, it would not have been hidden, and Satan certainly would have known. The hidden wisdom was revealed fully only when it was safe to do so, which was after the crucifixion, in the first century. Then, for the first time, the Apostle Paul could say, “… we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery.” The mystery introduced a whole new, non-prophesied age into human history, the Age of Grace. Satan had no inkling that a new Age was in God’s mind, especially one that would witness to the angels in Heaven and have a profound impact upon the future. Neither did anyone have a clue of the other marvels of that Age (the Age in which we live): Salvation by God’s grace through faith, gentiles being blessed apart from the conversion of Israel, the secret coming of Christ to deliver His saints from the wrath to come, the formation of the Body of Christ, and so on. Is it possible that the very things God is doing in our Age are the things that would have caused Satan to change his mind about the crucifixion?

Countless advancements and discoveries in science, agriculture, health, governance … have resulted as a consequence of the mystery. This is God’s providence in action, often in the secular world; such action generally is unrecognized by Christians. These advancements are not only a blessing to us, but will be used by God to prepare for the future, as the next age builds upon our Age. There is substantial biblical information indicating that our Age will pave the way for the future earthly Kingdom to experience an explosion in the number of people saved.

The Age of Grace provided the time needed for the full depth of Christ’s death to take effect upon humanity. Accordingly, God is saving and blessing believers today in ways He had planned from the beginning for our glory, ways that formerly were unseen and unheard. However, as the time of the crucifixion approached, the fate of the world and the eternal existence of every person who ever lived, hung upon one thread—keeping the secret at all costs. Since God was the only one who knew, the secret was secure; the thread was unbreakable.

This book explores the mystery and, in the process, a very special number will be revealed. No, it is not some prophetic number revealing when the end will occur, but THE Number of the most important event in history. Everyone should know this number, for it represents the event upon which each believer’s spiritual life is based.

We humans are simple beings, vulnerable to the inherent hostility of the physical universe. Through God’s wisdom and preparations, we are protected and provided for in that universe. His wisdom and preparations for us in the spiritual world are even more incredible. Accordingly, based upon His very nature, God has compassion on us simple beings, offering us the ability to become new creatures in Christ. How endearing it is to realize God is the divine champion of the nobodies, the shepherd of those trying to find their way, the upholder of the weak, and the source of comforting for the bereft of this world, all the while desiring to save anyone who will believe in Jesus Christ as Savior.

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Kindle: Purchase through the Amazon Kindle store.

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